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Used Audi Engines For Sale


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Used Audi Engines
Vehicle Overview






Brussels, Belgium
Body and chassis


Supermini,Executive Car,Full-size Luxury Car


Volkswagen Group PQ25

Body style

3-door and 5-door hatchback


Audi 50
1.2 L TFSI 63 kW I4 Engine
1.4 L TFSI 90 kW I4 Engine
2.0 L TFSI 188 kW I4 Engine
1.6 L TDI 77 kW I4 Engine
2.0 L TDI 105 kW I4 Engine

Used Audi Engines For Sale:

At MKL Motors we aim to offer our clients used Audi engines which are in good running condition and offered with warranty.

The process of replacing an engine can be a very difficult one, particularly if its the first time you are having to do so. As well as offering the engine replacements, we also offer full fitting and vehicle recovery services so that we can give you a hassle free service that simply hands to vehicle back to you ready to be driven away.

Get in touch with our friendly sales for free expert advice and to discuss your needs further.